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17 Jun 2014 by In Video

So I recently had the pleasure of working on this great new video directed by the talented Mathew Walker. Featuring an endless looping and continuous take style I was thrilled to get involved in a such a subtle yet unique and well though out production.


My contribution to this piece was to create a time freeze/cloning effect freezing the artists in 3d space as they move. I feel this effect really helped bring more of a dynamic feel to the video. I achieved this style through a fair bit of rotoscoping and a load of 3d tracking. As with many fx projects once into the groove things were soon moving smoothly and I for one am happy with the outcome!


One of the beauties of working in visual effects and motion graphics is the diversity of projects I am able to be a part of, though this is a more subtle effect I feel it has brought an extra something to the visuals and has as always helped develop my workflow, Enjoy!

For more information about Scorcher check out his twitter page here –


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Simon is the founder of Slikk Media a motion graphics and video production company

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